General Medicine Jobs In Kerala

General Medicine Jobs In Kerala

A general physician is a highly trained medical professional who treats and provides non-surgical health care to patients. Their broad range of expertise distinguishes General Physicians from other specialists and thus the responsibilities involved with general medicine jobs in Kerala and most other regions of the country can vary. Most physicians work as general consultants in hospitals or clinics. Some of them open their own clinic or provide private consultation.

Educational Qualifications

  • The first step to acquiring a job in General medicine is to pass class 12 exams with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as mandatory subjects. The admission to medical colleges or institutions is done on the basis of the marks attained in class 12 exams and national eligibility test.

  • The candidates must then acquire an  M.B.B.S degree and license from an accredited college or medical institution.

  • Candidates can further take master’s degree like M.D, M.S or M.Sc in Medicine following which they can also attend the doctoral programme (PhD),

Doctor Responsibilities:

The major responsibilities involved with General Medicine jobs in Kerala and other regions in India are

  • Diagnosing and responding to patient’s medical conditions and suggesting or prescribing appropriate treatment or medication

  • Discussing the details and side effects of certain  medication  and  suggesting a diet plan to follow while in medication

  • Working and cooperating with nurses, technicians, and other medical staffs to ensure proper patient care

  • Collecting, recording and maintaining data regarding patients condition and medical history.

  • Managing and teaching medical students

  • Participating in research studies  and other projects approved by the hospital board


The major skills needed for general medicine jobs in Kerla and other parts of India include

  • Resourcefulness and motivation to work and perseverance

  • Willingness to work and cooperate with a team of other healthcare professionals

  • Outstanding listening and communication skills in handling patients

  • The ability to work under pressure and meet timelines

  • Commentable time management skills

  • Willingness to exhibit and express empathy towards patients 

Career and Scope

There are great opportunities for General medicine jobs in Kerala and other parts of India. Most General Physicians start their career in government dispensaries or private hospitals in rural or urban areas. They can also open their own clinic and start a private practice. Apart from joining a private or government hospitals, they can also join private clinics or healthcare facilities that focuses mainly on the care of outpatients. They can also become a part of the defence forces by joining a military hospital operated by the armed forces. Some physicians also take up jobs in NGO's NPO's or schools or other organisation where basic and immediate medical attention might be required.