Ophthalmologist Jobs in Kerala

Ophthalmologist Jobs in Kerala

Ophthalmologists are doctors specialized in the diagnosis, treatment, management and prevention of diseases and conditions related to the visual system and eye. An ophthalmologist deals with a range of conditions, including glaucoma, cataracts, squints, eye infections injuries, eye diseases and degenerative ailments resulting from ageing. Most ophthalmologist jobs in Kerala and other parts of India require the doctors to be trained in managing patients of all age groups, from infants to the aged, with critical or long-term eye conditions. Ophthalmologists work in outpatient clinics, laser eye surgery clinics and community clinics. 


The duties and responsibilities involved in ophthalmologist jobs in Kerala are:

  • Assessing and examining patients thoroughly to make a proper diagnosis

  • Managing ophthalmic conditions considering the medical as well as psychological aspects of patient care

  • Providing routine checkups like vision testing and prescribing glasses, contact lenses and other eye care treatments.

  • Performing vision correction surgeries, and surgeries for removing cataracts.

  • Performing advanced surgical procedures, like keyhole and laser surgery.

  • Maintaining emergency eye clinics, outpatient clinics, or other specialist eye clinics.

  • Treating medical disorders that impair the vision through a holistic approach

Medical ophthalmologists will also expertise in neurology, immunosuppression and cardiovascular medicine, and can handle areas such as diabetes and retinal screening programmes. They may also use corrective procedures, such as laser therapy and intraocular injections.

As a consultant ophthalmologist your responsibilities also include:

  • Teaching and training junior doctors and other healthcare professionals

  • Performing research

  • Managing resources and practice development or lead to specific aspects of care.


The qualifications  for becoming eligible for Ophthalmologist jobs in Kerala are:

  • The prerequisite for ophthalmologist jobs in Kerala and other states in India is a 5-year medical degree with 6 months compulsory internship, from a reputed institution. Any student with biology, chemistry and physics as compulsory subjects is eligible to apply for  MBBS after clearing the National eligibility test.

  • On completing MBBS one can opt for masters specializing in Ophthalmology with a combination of speciality medical education and paid on-the-job training.

  • Ophthalmologists can also go for additional fellowship training which may last for 1-2 years.


The skills necessary for ophthalmologist jobs in Kerala and other parts of the country are:

  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Ability to upgrade or improve practical and analytical skills

  • Diagnostic skills to assess the type of disease and its severity

  • Excellent problem-solving and decision-making skills

  • The ability to become part of a multidisciplinary team

  • The readiness to work under pressure

  • Administrative, time management and planning skills

  • Knowledge of research methods and a willingness to keep up to date with advances in treatments.


Competition for ophthalmologist jobs in Kerala and other states in India is increasing day by day. Most of the ophthalmologists choose to become consultants. As a consultant, an ophthalmologist can gain more experience in clinical duties and practice more responsibilities. You will be responsible for your patients and monitor the duties of your juniors and other related health professionals. With relevant experience, ophthalmologists can also be promoted to managerial positions like clinical lead, clinical director and lead consultant for a hospital trust.

Those with an affinity to teaching can also become professors or might do research on any areas related to this specialization.


The pay for ophthalmologist jobs in Kerala and most other states in India varies according to the years of experience and qualifications

  • An entry-level Ophthalmologist with  1 year or less experience can expect to earn an average salary of ?1,182,348. 

  • An early-career Ophthalmologist with 1to 4 years of experience can earn an average payout of ?1,200,000. 

  • A mid-career Ophthalmologist with about 5-9 years of experience can get average total compensation of ?1,800,000. 

  • An experienced Ophthalmologist with 10-19 years of experience can earn an average total salary of ?1,610,000.

  • With 20 years or more of experience Ophthalmologists earn an average total salary of ?1,800,000.