Radiologist Jobs in Kerala

Radiologist Jobs in Kerala

Go through the list of some of the top-paying professions and you'll find Radiologist jobs among the top 10 of the results available. A radiologist is a medical doctor who is trained in diagnosing and attending ailments and injuries, using medical imaging techniques like x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), nuclear medicine, positron emission tomography (PET), ultrasound and fusion imaging.  More young people are entering this field due to job satisfaction to a maintained work-life balance, and competitive pay. Yet there is a supply-demand deficit in radiologist jobs in Kerala and other states of India. So it is essential to know everything about the career possibilities, growth and responsibilities of being a radiologist for making the right career choices and advancements. Let’s go into deep what this rewarding career looks like and what steps are needed  to be taken to become a radiologist.

Educational Qualification 

  • The prerequisite for acquiring and practising a radiologist jobs in Kerala and other states in India is a 5-year medical degree with 6 months compulsory internship, accredited by a reputed organization.  Any student with biology, chemistry and physics as compulsory subjects in high school can apply for a medical degree after clearing the national eligibility test.

  • After graduating from medical school, four years of a radiology residency program, which is a combination of speciality medical education and paid on-the-job training should be completed by an aspirant. Radiologists can also go for additional fellowship training which may last for 1-2 years to acquire further specialization.

Duties and Responsibilities

The day-to-day duties and responsibilities of a Radiologist include

  • Interpreting the test results of different types of clinical testing

  • Referring patients to specialists for treatment after diagnosing the ailments through different tests

  • reviewing the medical history of the patient to ensure the treatment is not harmful to the patient

  • Consulting and working as a team with other doctors in discussing and analysing factors like patients’ completed MRIs, X-rays and ultrasounds

  • Assigning tasks to staff, from technical affairs to administrative duties.

  • Incorporating industry, government or office standards to treatment method to ensure patient safety

  • Active participation in continuing education programmes and industry functions.

Essential Qualities and Skills

A university degree might get you a radiologist jobs in kerala or any part of the country but to be good Radiologist, you need to develop and possess some essential personal and interpersonal skills and qualities

  • Attention to detail – assessing dozens of test results every day, one needs to meticulously go through every image, report and patient record and grasp every single detail before coming to a conclusion.

  • Excellent interpersonal skills– it is very important to maintain a healthy and professional relationship with patients as well as other professionals.

  • Critical thinking skills – Despite the fact that technological advancements and modern technical equipment has helped the diagnosis of treatments easier, it is still important to have critical thinking skills to analyse and use this data properly.

  • Exceptional patient care skills – keeping a one-on-one relationship with your patients is as important as diagnosing the disease and finding the right treatment. 

  • Technical proficiencies –Staying updated and  gaining  proficiency in the functionalities of numerous technologies is important since this job involves the use of modern testing equipment.

  • The ability to work under stress – the ability to work under stress is important not only for a radiologist but for all medical professionals.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Compensation:Radiology is one of the well-paid specialities a physician can practice. The data collected from Medscape’s Physician Compensation Report 2019, says that on an average a radiologist earns around $419,000.Interventional radiologists with additional fellowship can earn up to $507,508 on an average.

  • Vacation: Although being a radiologist is more stressful than being a general physician, radiologists still get to enjoy a lot of perks. They have more vacation than most physicians, at an average of 8-12 weeks.

  • Schedule and Work Flexibility: Due to the nature of their work, they don't always need to be physically present in the hospital to provide their services. They can stay digitally connected to the hospital network.

If you are planning to seek a radiologist jobs in kerala or any other part of the country, know that your career is never inert. You are continually upgrading your skills and knowledge by learning the latest technological trends and studying about the newest treatments. It is rare for you to feel stuck, something that is quite common for so many professionals in a myriad of industries, including the healthcare sector